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Importance of skin to skin

What is Kangaroo Care (KC)?

Kangaroo Care (KC), also known as skin to skin, is a special way of holding your baby skin to skin against your chest. The benefits of KC were first noted in the 1970s in Colombia when there was a shortage of incubators, they placed the babies on their mother's chest, not only did these babies survive, they also thrived.

Your familiar voice is very comforting for your baby and it is important to talk, read or sing to your baby while you are with them.

I work with many families and one of my favourite aspects of that role is to help parents bond with their baby. Positive touch such as skin to skin is a wonderful experience for both parents and baby.

Benefits of skin to skin for Baby:

  • Enables bonding between you and your baby

  • Helps regulate heartbeat, breathing, oxygen levels and maintain temperature

  • Improved sleep

  • Improved breastfeeding success and breastfeeding duration

  • Can provide an analgesic effect during a procedure

  • Increased Weight gain

  • Improved immunity

  • Improved brain development

  • Decrease crying

Benefits of skin to skin to Parent/Caregiver

  • Helps with attachment and bonding

  • Increased breast milk supply

  • Improves parental mood

  • Increase your confidence in providing care to your baby, improves parental role

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