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Mum's mini retreat

Mum's mini retreat

We invite you to a mini self care day for Mothers. The day begins with a gentle grounding in and nourishing yoga session (11 - 1pm). Followed by an hours refreshment break (an ideal time to bring your baby to nurse should you need). The afternoon (2 - 4.30pm)  is all about the village! We will share in a delicious cacao ritual and Mother’s sharing circle. We finish with a mini ‘Closing The Bones’ ritual and Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation). 

This is the first in our series of Mini retreats for Mothers. We hope this can be a nurturing space for mothers to delegate their responsibilities for a few hours and have some space to “Mother the Mother”.

For this reason, this particular workshop is open to mothers without children. Our next retreat, will be a baby led mother and baby space.

The lunch break is an ideal time to nurse or reconnect with your baby should you need. We recognise that not all mother’s have the financial means for childcare whilst attending a workshop.

 Therefore we would like to offer one ‘pay what you feel’ bursary place to a mother who may need it. Please do get in touch if you would like to apply to avail of the bursary.

Please note, mothering can look different for everyone, if you identify as female and feel called as a “Mother’,  you are welcome in this space. 

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